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Jazmine Marie Sullivan (born April 9, 1987) is an American recording artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is also the protégé of rapper Missy Elliott.Jazmine Sullivan’s mother remembers having a sense that the child she was carrying twenty-one years ago was born to sing and as a lover of jazz, she named her daughter accordingly. Read More?  


    The moment that we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! You can now purchase Jazmine’s highly anticipated third album ‘Reality Show’ on all digital formats! Go get your copy!
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    Posted on Jan , 13 2015 Filed under Music, News

    Jazmine Sullivan spoke to VH1 Soul about Reality Show, the new album that marks the singer’s return to music after a three-year hiatus. She took some time off from the music industry, but Sullivan is back—and she’s ready to show you her reality. Wearing a gold blazer as jazzy as her nickname and shoes so high, she contemplated taking them off, Sullivan spoke to us about the new album, Meek Mill, Beyonce, and Love & Hip Hop. See what she had to say about each of these, and if you haven’t already, listen to “Forever Don’t Last” off of the new album.

    What was the hardest part about making Reality Show?

    I executive produced it. A lot of the album was done in Philli with just me and the engineer. My mom would come through and let me know if stuff was hot or not. The pressure that I put on myself to do it primarily on my own, with very little help from different people, was the most difficult part.

    Where did that pressure to produce the album all on your own come from?

    It just felt natural. After the years that I spent away, I felt like nobody knew the direction I wanted to go in better than me. I knew myself and I wanted to be able to pick the tracks. I wanted to be instrumental in every little thing that had to do with the album.

    You decided to take a break from music in 2011. What made you fall out of love with it? Read more

    Posted on Jan , 22 2015 Filed under Interview

    Watch as Jazmine discusses Creative New Album, Not Regretting Hiatus, Missy Elliott, Touring and More…

    Posted on Jan , 22 2015 Filed under Interview, Video

    Shedding more light on her recent abusive relationship, Jazmine Sullivan spoke with Simone “Boss Lady” Amelia on “International Affair” [The Cut channel, DASH Radio] about how she eerily predicted the future with her track “Call Me Guilty” on her first album, the inspiration behind her new album Reality Show and hot topic tracks like “Mascara,” if she ever “turns up” (make sure you send her a Long Island Iced Tea if you see her in the club!), overcoming paralyzing fear as an artist and what her hopes for 2015 are.

    Posted on Jan , 20 2015 Filed under Interview, Video

    GlobalGrind’s Brittany Lewis sat down with R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan to discuss her third studio album Reality Show. She also discussed getting out of an abusive relationship, loving Willow Smith, her relationship with Missy Elliott, and auditioning for Aaliyah and Timbaland.

    Posted on Jan , 20 2015 Filed under Interview, Video

    Posted on Jan , 20 2015 Filed under Interview, Video

    Posted on Jan , 17 2015 Filed under Interview, Video

    Draped in a trench coat, with a cup of hot tea steaming at her side, Jazmine Sullivan kicked off a press junket at Manhattan’s Platinum Sound Recording Studio by warning she had come down with a cold. “I’m gonna try,” she muttered, before proceeding to blast through the speakers with almost every known dimension of her voice—the range, the rasp, the runs—magnificently intact. Meeting her after this brief, intimate set, I soon discovered how allergic she is to grand pronouncements about her music, and how sincere she is in her modesty. But that didn’t help me shake the feeling that the woman who had performed three feet in front of me, whose 2008 debut,Fearless, breathed life back into late-aughts R&B, had grown into one of the all-time great soul singers. For half an hour, we chatted about her earliest experiences as a gospel prodigy, her long hiatus from the music industry, and the process of writing and recording her superb comeback album, Reality Show. –SOURCE

    I recently heard you say that during your time off from the industry you developed a phobia of performing live, which surprised me because I think the stage is where you really blossom. So I wanted to ask you about your first moment on the national stage, when you sang “Accept What God Allows” at the Apollo at the age of 11. What was going through your mind then? Did you already know you wanted to be a professional singer?

    I can truly say I was fearless when I was a kid. I had been singing in church so much by the time that I got to the Apollo that it was almost just like singing at a bigger church. Singing was definitely something I knew I wanted to do early on, but at that time I wasn’t even writing. I didn’t know I had that gift yet. But singing was always a big part of my life. Just like you, I was shocked I had this phobia of performing live. I really never thought that would happen to me.

    Were you approached by gospel labels after Apollo? When did you decide to go secular?

    At the time that I chose to sing R&B, I was actually getting ready to sign to a gospel label, and my mom had asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this, and I said, you know, I don’t think I do. It’s funny, because it wasn’t like I was writing or even going through anything at the time, but I felt like God was revealing to me that there was more in me than singing gospel music, and that I could possibly reach more people.

    I’m curious how exposed you were to jazz at an early age, because if you go back and look at some of your old performances, particularly at the Black Lily in Philadelphia, the jazz influence is quite pronounced.

    You know what’s crazy—I didn’t listen to any jazz growing up…

    What? You’re one of the only mainstream R&B singers today who can scat.  Read more

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    Posted on Jan , 16 2015 Filed under Performance, Video

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